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Jabuka is the fun, dynamic, award-winning word game that unhooks youngsters from the digital world back to your dining table. Its like Scrabble™ and a triple espresso had a baby, with the right amounts of challenge, thought-process, and speed that will entice you and your children.

It’s like Scrabble™ and a triple espresso had a baby!

Boost your brain power with Jabuka word game where you bend rules and twist letters to make, transform, and steal words in a high-octane quick hit of fun!

For the Digital Generation

The patented twistable alphabet makes word-making easy, fun and creative, especially for kids. Fast and loose rules, no turn-taking, plus word-twisting and stealing, makes for competitive, one-on-one or team play.

Brain-building Superpowers

Just like muscles, our brains need exercise. Jabuka pushes cognitive boundaries demanding memory, speed, creativity, focus, spatial awareness, imagination and problem solving. All through immersive and engaging play.


In a world of electronic isolation, Jabuka is live, spontaneous interaction that puts players in the natural, healthy human state of joyful flow. Together.


Critically acclaimed by the specialized media and other creators, Jabuka brings dynamic fun and great moments for the whole family.

In this fast-paced game, where each player has to race and take words simultaneously, each rotating letter is the key to winning against your family and friends!


Creativity expands perception, and along with expanded perception come new ways of decision making and problem solving.


Jabuka requires deductive reasoning and logic skills to narrow down possibilities. Players must also vigilantly observe the actions of other players to help them make logical decisions.


Playing Jabuka is a unique opportunity to process sets of information simultaneously, creating regular practice in working memory and information processing.

Jabuka | A Word Game For The Whole Family