A great game comes along about once a decade.

Established game inventor, designer and artist, Martin Russocki, recognized an opportunity to invent the next great game. His passion for creativity, love of words and desire to bring back face-to-face play helped him imagine a new game with no set up, uniquely shaped pieces and spontaneous, dynamic play that would require a different way of thinking.

One day at a café as Martin held a coffee bean in his hand, he thought about the historical connection between games and coffee and then all the pieces fell into place.

In a moment of inspiration, Martin sketched his initial “M” on a coffee bean. He twisted it sideways then upside down and watched in amazement as the “M” magically transformed into an “E” and a “W.”

It was then that he realized the creative power of rediscovering something familiar in a different way. Soon after, his totally twisted alphabet, and the basis for the game Jabuka was born!